Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to designate a specific cause or geographic area for grant making without having to name a specific organization. Grants are made through an application process administered by the Foundation and/or with a special advisory group with expertise in the field of interest.

Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund*
This fund was established by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to fund grants in Russell County that address community beautification, education, environment, health & human service and inter-generational projects/programs.

Helen A. Hampl Student Aid Fund
The primary purpose of this Fund is to aid students enrolled  in preschool and grade school in Russell County, KS, who need assistance in  order to obtain their education.

Kansas Health Foundation Children’s Fund
The primary purpose of this Fund is to provide support to  improve the health and well-being of children living in the area served by the  Russell County Area Community Foundation.

Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Russell County
This fund was established with matching dollars from the  Kansas Health Foundation’s GROW II program. It serves the same purpose of the  Russell Area Health Fund and promotes the health and well-being of individuals  and communities in Russell County through encouragement of healthy lifestyles,  behaviors and environments.

Russell Area Health Fund
To promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Russell County through encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors and environments.

Russell Area Youth Activities Fund
This fund is designed to promote the health and well-being  of children and to encourage healthy lifestyles through involvement in  extra-curricular activities, including athletics, performing arts, visual arts,  and literacy programs.

Russell Schools Apple Seed Fund
This fund was established to promote and enhance the  education of public school students within the city of Russell.

*Pass-through non-endowed fund

Recent News

Coalition Created to Promote and Protect Native Limestone

LUCAS, KS (JULY 1, 2019) — It was formed around 100 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous era and has been used in fencing, architecture, grave markers, art, and just about anything you can imagine in central Kansas. Now a group of people passionate about native Kansas limestone has joined together to create a coalition promoting the area. The Kansas Post Rock Limestone Coalition was recently organized with a mission of “promoting, preserving, and protecting the history, art, and architecture of the Kansas Post Rock Limestone region through education and tourism.” The group is comprised of businesses, economic development organizations, chambers[...]

RCACF announces scholarship recipients

This year the Russell County Area Community Foundation (RCACF) is pleased to announce  $253,685 in scholarships awarded through the Foundation to area students. Every year, the need for scholarships is greater than the available resources. As tuition continues to rise, support of scholarships becomes even more important. RCACF is pleased to manage 12 scholarship funds.  These scholarships were established by donors who believe in the youth of our area and want to support their pursuit of higher education. The Sean Paul Banks Memorial Scholarship is for students graduating from Russell High School who are involved in sports their senior year and maintain high academic standards. The recipients of $425 scholarships are[...]